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Anthy Himemiya In Every Episode | Duel 04: The Sunlit Garden Prelude

Anonymous sent: I adore you. Your AMVs are amazing and lovely. Bless you!


Thank you so much anon!!! Nothing makes me warm and fuzzier faster than compliments on my amvs. <333333333

In fact, there’s that DVD commentary going around about fics. If anyone wants me to do that for one of my amvs I’d love to talk about how I interpreted the lyrics or why I put a scene there etc.


Audio: Jennifer’s Body Trailer
Anime: Fresh Pretty Cure

Jennifer Check - Setsuna Higashi
Anita Lesnicki - Love Momozono
Chip Dove - Daisuke Chinen
Collin Gray - Westar

menxisan sent: love/setsuna 4


Love Momozono is an up and coming chef with her new food truck, ‘Come Get Your Happiness!’. Even though Love can be a bit scatterbrained, her food is loved by everyone and quickly becomes a town hotspot. So much so that Moe’s Place, the only other diner like food in town, is on the verge of bankruptcy. Moebus then sends his daughter, Setsuna, to steal Love’s secret recipes. Setsuna strikes up an acquaintance with Love to get close to the recipes.

However, things quickly spin out of Setsuna’s control. Love’s friendship is a hurricane. She introduces Setsuna not only to all types of new food and new ways of cooking, but also to feelings she never knew she had. Setsuna has spent her life thinking that she was only worth what she could do for the restaurant but when Loves looks at her…

Setsuna struggles and struggles until her loyalty to her father wins out and she steals Love’s recipes and trashes her food truck. The next day Moe’s Place is launching all of Love’s signature dishes. But the food is not met with the same success as Love’s was. It is as bland and tasteless as ever.  

Love finds Setsuna a week later, staring at the empty place where ‘Come Get Your Happiness!’ once was. She asks Love if she hates. But Love merely shakes her head. Because to her, no damage was done. Moebus can never take her real secret ingredient: love. Setsuna breaks down, there is just so much in life she doesn’t know. Love promises that they can learn together.  

Setsuna quits her job and with all the money that Love’s food truck has made they decided to start a restaurant together. It’s Clover Box, a lovely little corner street diner. After a little promotion from Miki, the diner becomes a great success. Setsuna and Love spend their days creating delicious food, being wives, and trying to stop Westar from stealing all their donuts.

Okay the more I think about it the more I am really invested in an Utena Girlband AU.

Just think about it.

  • Juri writing all of these really ridiculous and sappy love songs. Everyone except Anthy just ??? over it.
  • Anthy and Utena falling asleep holding hands on the tour bus and Nanami just being like ‘ughhh you losers you have to hold hand even when you sleep??? that is so unnecessary i can’t work in these conditions’
  • Utena finally being allowed to dress how she wants and being praised and admired for it. All 10 year old girls want to grow up and being Utena Tenjou slamming that guitar in her “boy” shorts.
  • Or they want to be Juri Arisugawa playing drums in Prada heels.
  • Kozue being able to hit that on a global international pop star scale
  • Fashion moguls being really mad that Juri is a drummer because  her drum set blocks the view of all her fabulous clothes
  • Wakaba probably has at least 10 Utena figurines and plushies
  • Tokiko as their manager
  • Chuchu eating all of Nanami’s food when they go on tour. Just Nanami’s.
  • Anthy finally escaping her brother’s world and making her own
  • Nanami finding that what makes her special is her voice not her brother
  • Saionji writing down all the lyrics to all their songs down in his journal
  • Juri having to pry Utena and Anthy off each other during practice at least once a week

And just think of all the bonding they would do

  • Nanami, after a big fall out with her brother is just not interested in guys at the moment and when guys at the concerts won’t take no for an answer Kozue introduces them to Mr. Stairs
  • Or Anthy lets them know why she is Queen of Passive Aggressive Insults, whoever is closest.
  • Nanami ripping people (reporters, magazines, etc.) to shreds when they talk shit about Utena and Anthy’s relationship because only she is allowed to do that
  • Juri acting as a bridge between Miki and Kozue and helping them mend their relationship. Kozue skills increase exponentially cause of it.
  • Utena and Nanami going on an undercover mission to find out who is Juri’s mysterious love. They fail miserably. 
  • Anthy helping Juri sort out her real love for Shiori and her idealized love for Shiori, because if anyone knows about idealization at the cost of one’s self it’s Anthy
  • Anthy taking the phone for Nanami when Touga calls. Nanami taking the phone for Anthy when Akio calls.
  • Utena finally having the family she never had. She always wanted sisters.
  • Just all these very flawed and very different girls making beautiful music together

Ughhhh Prinxess